Want Some Spice for your Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas?

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" sung by Andy Williams is so true.

The Christmas Season is a time of year for family and friends to get together and share traditions and conversation. Even people on the street seem to be more polite and generous with each other.

Children are on their best behavior reveling in Santa's arrival with gifts and goodies.

So why not choose to get married during this engaging time of year?

The store fronts, streets and people's homes are decorated to the hilt at this time of year so let's look at some Christmas decoration ideas for your wedding.

Decorations for your ceremony

Some churches, catering halls and hotels are already decorated for the Christmas Season with lights, poinsettias and festive Christmas trees, so you may just need to fill in with a few of your own personal touches.

If your church or ceremony room is not decorated and you will be doing all the decorating yourself but have a limited budget consider the following:

You can hot glue gun red ribbon and pine boughs and tie them together with green wire and decorate every other pew.

Another inexpensive decoration idea is to go to a wholesaler and purchase potted poinsettias and place them in a container decorated with red or green foil paper.

Placing luminaries around the room will give your room a warm glow. Making your own luminaries is easy. Just purchase paper bags fill them 1/3 of the way with sand or soil and place a tea light or votive candle in the bag. You'll have a great decoration at a minimal cost.

Wrap boughs or miniature white lights around pillars, rafters and windows to give an inviting, cheery sense to your room.

For an added extra touch, ask your florist if they have a runner that has a Christmas emblem instead of a plain white runner.

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas for your table centerpieces

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

Again, most catering halls are already decorated or have at least some decorations for the Christmas Season so your main decorating focal points are your table centerpieces and cake, which can be as simple or elaborate as your budget and imagination allow.

The above picture was from a bride who had her reception in her parent's home. Fortunately for her, they had the red plates with snowflakes. Her beautifully wrapped boxes served as a decoration and favor holder for her chocolates.

Centerpieces for the Budget Conscious

Brides looking to have a gorgeous centerpiece but cannot afford to spend a lot of money on their centerpieces can either make their own or purchase one already assembled.

The above beautiful centerpiece can be purchased by clicking the buy button or creating the centerpiece yourself.

To create the above centerpiece purchase a pine wreath, red candles, ribbon and Christmas pics from a craft store. Wire the pics into the wreath along with the ribbon. Secure a green Styrofoam block in the center of the wreath and arrange the candles in the center. If you would like a more elaborate centerpiece, purchase some fresh baby's breath and red roses arranging them throughout the wreath. If you prefer, you may purchase a live wreath from a floral shop and have a beautiful centerpiece as your table decoration.

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas for your Cake

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding cakes are a focal point at any wedding reception. This green frosting with red roses Christmas cake created by Freed's Bakery in Las Vegas will truly add a Holiday touch to your Christmas Wedding theme.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have. For more Christmas wedding decoration ideas, check out my links below.

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