Creative Wedding Ideas For Your Unique Wedding

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Are You Looking for Creative Wedding Ideas and Tips for Your Unique Wedding?

If you ask one hundred people about their unique reception thoughts, you will receive one hundred different creative wedding ideas and unusual wedding concepts.

Every bride wants her reception to be a romantic, memorable, fun filled day. Planning the day that my husband and I would be married was exciting, but a bit hectic and I remember thinking, how can I incorporate my family's traditions with my contemporary ideas??? I wanted my family and all of my guests to feel like they were special and included in my special day.

Gifts For Parents

Brides are so busy thinking about creative wedding ideas for their union that they often forget to give a gift to their parents. If you’re budget conscious, a wonderful, simple idea, is to gather pictures of all the meaningful times of your life and compile a picture album for your parents and your groom’s parents. You can place captions under the pictures or place poems or any thoughts you might have regarding the memorable day.

Candle Lighting

This was a creative idea that I had for my wedding and I'd like to share it with you. Upon arrival, each person was presented with a three inch candle that had a white cardboard drip protector. During the ceremony my husband and I lit a large white candle and together we lit our parent’s candles and proceeded down the aisle and lit the candle of the first person on the end of each pew. Our guests then passed their light to the next person until all candles were lit and flickering.

It was a beautiful effect and reminded every person at our ceremony that we loved them and wanted them to be a part of our lives forever.

Unity candle as a creative idea for a wedding

Creative wedding Ideas and Romantic Sayings

Most people have difficulty coming up with the "perfect" words to let their honey know just how much they love them. Take a look at some web sites that have beautiful, very meaningful sayings to convey just what you are feeling.

Here's one to melt your sweetie:

"One thing’s for sure: You’re mine, and I’m yours. You’re locked deep in my heart and I’ve lost the keys, so you’ll stay here forever."

Memory Table

Memory table is a wonderful wedding idea

Many couples have experienced the loss of a loved one and would like to honor that person in a special way at their wedding. Surrounding a picture of your deceased loved one with flowers and candles is a respectful way of paying tribute to their involvement in your life.

Thank You Photographs for Creative Wedding Ideas

Thank you signs for your wedding are a creative idea

Most couples send a hand written or printed thank you to their guests. Imagine how impressed and surprised your guests will be if you have your photographer or a friend take a picture of each table with you and your hubby. Once the pictures are developed you can have the desired number printed for each table and include the picture with your thank you note. It’s not expensive and will surely be a hit with your guests.

Ask Someone to Take a Picture of the Groom as you Walk Down the Aisle

The music starts, “Here Comes the Bride” all eyes are fixed on you, the beautiful bride, as you walk down the aisle. The professional and amateur photographers begin snapping away; oh, so many beautiful pictures of you and your Dad or other special person in your life that you have chosen to bring you to your awaiting husband.

For several years now, I have been taking a picture of the groom as he watches his sweetheart walking toward him. The brides can never thank me enough for the one and only picture they have of their husband watching them walking down the aisle.

Wedding Insurance

This doesn’t really fall into the category of creative wedding ideas but I do want every couple to at least think about purchasing insurance.

No one ever wants to think that anything will go wrong on their special day, but strange occurrences do happen. There could be a hurricane, or turbulent weather making it impossible for your guests to attend your wedding. The reception hall could become destroyed in a fire or flood. Some health issue could arise for the bride or groom.

In any case, the cost of insurance is minimal when you consider what financial loss you could sustain if some tragedy occurs. Why not be safe rather than sorry?

Acknowledge that Special Someone

As I was walking down the aisle, I remember looking at my Mom, she looked both happy and sad at the same time. I immediately decided that she needed a hug and kiss, so just before my Dad lifted my veil to kiss me and hand me off to my husband, I leaned over and gave my Mom a hug. I could see all the anxiety lift from her face and a warm calm instantly came over her. It wasn’t something that I planned, but certainly was appreciated.

Every bride has creative wedding ideas floating through her head; my recommendation is to jot them down and mull them over. Once you have decided which ones you want to implement - don't be afraid - go for it!

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