Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

Calla Lily Wedding Invitations in white and purple

Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

So it's time to choose your wedding invitations. At this point you could go in any direction you want. A great timeless choice, would be a Calla Lily invitation.

Calla Lily invites are an elegant and romantic choice. Flowers have always been a symbol of love, and lovers have always exchanged flowers as tokens of affection.

The Calla lily is a flower, closely related to the Jack-in-the-pulpit. Originating in Egypt, the most common type of Lily still grows along the banks of the Nile. In some places it is even grown for the root, which can actually be used to make flour. Such a beautiful and life sustaining plant has gathered significance over time.

Lilies can be ordered is many different colors, some of which include: white, red, pink, burgundy, and yellow, just to name a few. However, white is the most popular lily for brides especially at Easter and springtime.

Beautiful picutre of  Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

The lily is a symbol of purity and magnificent beauty and is a fitting symbol of the beautiful and selfless devotion of you and your fiance.

Calla Lily Wedding Invitations cake topper

Calla lilies have become an institution, embellishing wedding invitations, decorations, cakes and appearing in bridal bouquets. Their beautiful petals and elegant shape make them a favorite of wedding planners and brides everywhere. While they are classically white, the Calla Lily can actually come in a large variety of colors. Additionally they can be found year round.

Many people make the Calla Lily their wedding theme and include it in their flowers and all aspects of their perfect day. Another wonderful feature of the calla lily is that the length of the stem and size of the flowers lend themselves well to creating truly grand centerpieces. For those who choose to incorporate them into their theme, Calla Lily invites are a natural place to start.

Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

When it comes to choosing your invitations, the first thing that becomes obvious is that there are tons of choices. Calla Lily wedding invitations run the gamut. To give a few examples, there are entirely white invitations with embossed designs of calla lilies and there are black and white designs with drawings of calla lilies. On the other hand, there are many books and magazines with full color illustrations, as well as photographic images of the lilies.

There are many choices of Calla Lily invitations that can create a variety of moods. Your choice of invitation should reflect the mood and theme  that you are trying to convey.

Calla Lily Wedding Invitations with stenciling

If your goal is timeless elegance, Calla Lily wedding invitations are a good choice.

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