Wedding Photography Poses

Wedding photography poses

Wedding Photography Poses

You’ve chosen your photographer, signed the contract and now you are thinking about which wedding poses you would like to have your photographer take on your wedding day.

Formal or traditional poses, usually taken between the ceremony and the reception, include various combinations of the bride, groom, bridal party and immediate family.

These formal wedding photos normally take between one to two hours to complete. The amount of time it will actually take the photographer to get all of your desired shots is dependent upon the number of people that you want pictures of and how cooperative everyone is.

Begin making a checklist of all the people you want in your pictures about two months before your wedding. Update your list every time you remember someone you forgot to include.

People You Want Included in Your Wedding Photography Poses

  • Parents
  • Stepparents and blended family members
  • Grandparents
  • Great Grandparents
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Aunts and Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Godparents
  • Maid of Honor and Best Man
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
  • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
  • Special Friends
  • Your Officiate
  • Each Table of Guests
  • Pets
  • Vintage Car

Wedding Photography Poses to be Taken Before the Ceremony

Wedding photography poses with engagement ring
  • Engagement ring between her shoes
  • Dress on hanger
  • Bride putting on her garter, makeup, jewelry
  • Bride’s mother adjusting her veil
  • Bride looking into mirror fixing her lipstick
  • Bride looking at framed picture of her fiancée
  • Maid of honor pointing to watch telling the bride it’s time to finish dressing
  • Bride putting corsage on her mother
  • Bride putting boutonniere on her father
  • Bride giving the bridesmaids their bouquet

Wedding Photography Poses of Bride with:

Wedding photography poses with bride and flower girl

  • Mother, father, both
  • Bride with her Flower Girl
  • Individual poses with bridesmaids, siblings, and anyone listed above
  • Group poses of bridesmaids
  • Pets
  • Bride sitting on her bed
  • Bride holding her wedding invitation
  • Father of the bride dropping a penny in her shoe
  • Bride looking over her shoulder
  • Bride with bouquet
  • Bride leaving her house
  • Bride getting into the car with her Dad

Wedding Photography Poses of Groom with:

  • Mother, father, both
  • Individual shots with groomsmen, siblings and anyone listed above
  • Group picture of Groomsmen
  • Pets, car, special sporting equipment
  • Shaking hands with the officiate

Wedding Photography Poses for Christian Ceremonies

Some officiates have rules on picture taking during the ceremony. To avoid disappointment, it’s a good idea to discuss your photography wishes with your officiate well before the ceremony.

  • Bride getting out of car with church in the background
  • Bride, mother, father and attendants in vestibule of the church
  • Groom and groomsmen lined up awaiting the bride
  • Front shot of Bride with father or both parents walking down the aisle
  • Groom and best man shaking hands
  • Back shot showing train and veil
  • Anyone you have designated to walk down the aisle
  • Father lifting the bride’s veil
  • Father shaking hands with the groom
  • Bride handing her bouquet to maid of honor
  • Shots of the bride and groom at the alter
  • Pictures of your readers
  • Photos of bride and groom lighting the unity candle with their parents
  • Chosen guests bringing up the Eucharistic Gifts
  • Bride and groom receiving communion
  • Bride and groom taking their vows
  • Ring bearer handing ring to groom
  • Bride and groom exchanging rings
  • Bride and groom leaving the alter
  • Receiving line
  • Musicians and cantor
  • Pictures of entire bridal party in front of the church
  • Photos of guests throwing rose petals, blowing bubbles or confetti
  • Shot of balloons being released
  • Picture of Butterflies being released
  • Click on my link for Butterfly Wedding Themes regarding butterfly releases

Wedding Photography Poses for Jewish Ceremonies

Wedding photography poses

Some of the above shots will be the same with a few changes. The bride and groom will get married under the chuppah (canopy) which is a symbol of the home that the new couple will build together. The chuppah is open on all sides symbolizing that their home will be open to all with unconditional hospitality.

  • Pictures under the chuppah
  • Wedding shots of the groom breaking the glass
  • Photos of the bride circling the groom
  • Reading of the ketubah (marriage contract)
  • Rabbi reciting the Seven Blessings
  • Poses of the bride and groom drinking the wine

Wedding Photography Poses for Muslim Ceremonies

  • Picture of the bride and groom repeating the word qabul (I accept) three times
  • Signing of the marriage contract
  • The officiate reading from the Quran

Wedding Photography Poses for Indian Ceremonies

  • Pictures under the mandap
  • Photos of the fire burning
  • Poses of the groom’s procession
  • Picture of groom holding a coconut and the bride’s garland
  • Brides mother applying kumkum to the groom’s forehead
  • Groom bowing to bride’s mother
  • Groom giving bride’s mother a coconut
  • Bride carrying groom’s garland
  • Bride’s mother washing bride’s hands and feet, applying kumkum and giving flowers
  • Bride’s father washing groom’s hands and feet, applying kumkum and giving flowers
  • Brides parents addressing audience
  • Priest putting the varamala (sacred rope) around the couple’s necks
  • Bride’s father putting his daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand
  • Singing of a mangalashtak
  • Bride cupping her hands and placing them in the groom’s cupped hands
  • Bride’s brother placing rice in the bride’s hands
  • Couple pouring the rice into the fire
  • Bride and groom walking around the fire
  • Bride and groom taking seven steps while the priest confirms their marriage
  • Couple stealing a kiss
  • Bride and groom feeding each other sweets
  • Bride’s mother giving the groom a gift
  • Groom’s mother puts the necklace around the bride’s neck
  • Bride and groom bowing to all the elders in both families

Wedding Photography Poses Between the Ceremony and the Reception

Here’s where you can be really creative. Let your photographer show you their portfolio to help you get some additional ideas. Check out the bridal magazines, friend’s albums and the internet for more possibilities. After you’ve taken all of your formal poses think about some of these funny shots:

  • Make like you are pushing the limo
  • Falling asleep on a park bench
  • Stick your thumb out like you’re hitchhiking
  • Have the bride hold her shoe as if she’s ready to hit her bridesmaids while they are kissing her husband
  • Groom and groomsmen lifting their pants legs doing the can-can
  • Same pose as above; reverse the bride and groomsmen

Unique wedding photography poses

  • A reflection shot of you and your hubby in a store window
  • Bride and groom standing against a tree
  • Picture of the bride and groom from their head to waist coming out of the sunroof of the limo
  • Bride and groom kissing while the flower girl and ring bearer look on

Wedding Photography Poses at the Reception

Wedding Photography Poses Bride and Groom Entering Reception
  • Entrance of the newlyweds
  • First dance
  • Bridal couple at the dais
  • Best man and maid of honor giving the toast
  • Bride throwing her bouquet and guest who catches the bouquet
  • Groom throwing the bride's garter and guest putting the garter on the leg of the person who caught it
  • Bride dancing with her father
  • Groom dancing with his mother
  • Parents dancing
  • Bridal party dancing/guests dancing
  • Shot of bride and groom raised on a chair
  • Wedding guests at their table
  • Ring shot
  • Guest book
  • Place card table
  • Gift table
  • Mail box for wedding cards
  • Centerpieces
  • Wedding cake
  • Bridal couple feeding each other a piece of the wedding cake
  • Candid shots of bride, groom, friends and family
  • Ice sculptures
  • Decorative food table
  • All the typical poses of the bride and groom with their families and special friends and relatives
  • Wedding favors
  • Poses of couple kissing and waving good bye
  • Couple leaving in the getaway car

Have your photographer take a picture of you and your hubby holding a "Thank You" sign. It makes for a great picture to use with your thank you cards.

Wedding photography poses for Thank You cards

This free wedding photography poses checklist is a good starting point for choosing your wedding pictures. Talk with your photographer and discuss your ideas and thoughts for creating your memorable wedding album.

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