Christmas Wedding Gowns

Christmas Wedding Gowns

Christmas Wedding Gowns

Since you have arrived on my Christmas gowns page I'm going to take an educated guess and say that you or someone close to you is getting married during the Christmas Season. So am I right?

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to get married; not only are you happily in love but the spirit of Christmas seems to bring out the best in everyone. In general people appear more generous and kind.

So now that all this love is in the air, let's talk about Christmas dresses.

Style and Fabric

  • Depending on how formal your affair will be, you may want to choose a winter fabric such as velvet, satin, brocade or taffeta. They're stunning and will keep you a little warmer than silk, georgette or chiffon.

  • A dress with sparkly crystals, sequins and beads will remind your guests of the snowy season and the bling will dazzle your guests.

  • A poufy ruffled gown will call to mind snow mounds and drifts. Ruffles and pouf truly seem like a Christmas extravaganza. Leave them breathless with the above lavish crystal top and V waist dress.
  • A high neck and sleeves will definitely keep you warmer than a strapless gown. However, if you have your heart set on a strapless would you consider a dress with a bolaro with faux fur?

    Christmas Wedding Gowns

    Colors for Christmas Wedding Gowns

    • Since your church and hall may already be decorated in the traditional reds and greens it seems that a red, green, gold or silver theme is a logical choice and will make life a little simpler.

      Christmas Wedding Gowns

    • Your dress can be the traditional white with a red sash, boarder or belt. A beautiful red sash will compliment your gown and can coordinate with your bridesmaid's dresses and your groom's tie and cumberbun. If red is not your color how about hunter green?

      Christmas Wedding Gowns

    • If you prefer an all white gown be daring and wear a red velvet cape.

      Christmas Wedding Gowns

    • If you're a bold bride and want to stand out, consider a red dress.
  • Completing your ensemble

    Carrying a bouquet of red roses with white baby's breath and a few crystals or a white muff will complete your holiday look.

    Bridal Wraps
    Bridal Wraps
    Bridal Wraps

    Don't forget, additional accessories that will keep you warm when you're going from your wedding car to your ceremony or reception include the above wrap and muff.

    Christmas Wedding Gowns

    A Christmas wedding warms the heart and choosing Christmas wedding gowns that take their cue from Mother Nature will dazzle your hubby and guests.

    Some pictures on this page can be found at Best Bridal Prices. Check out the link on the top, right corner of this page.

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