Men In Wedding Dresses

Men In Wedding Dresses/Formal or Informal?

More and more gay couples are deciding to get married and bring their friends and family to join them in their celebration. 

What to Wear

Does one wear a traditional formal bridal gown and the other a suit, do they both wear suits or do they both wear a dress? That depends upon what the couple wants and will make them comfortable on their memorable day.

If either or both decide to wear a traditional gown, finding the "perfect" gown is not always easy.  You need to know what looks best on you and what type of dress will coordinate with your theme.

Men in Wedding Dresses - Where should you begin to look for your dress?

  • Checking out the web for bridal dresses is easy and doesn't cost a dime. If you find a dress that you like you can go to their sizing chart fill in your measurements and your dress size will be determined for you.
  • Look in bridal magazines, wedding books, friend's pictures and attend a bridal show in your area.
  • Set up an appointment and visit a gay friendly bridal boutique. The sales person will ask you some questions as to your budget, style, dress length, color and any other preferences you may have. They will then bring you several dresses to try on to help you establish what you like and looks best on your body frame.
  • Some department stores have bridal shops and that scenario will be similar to the one above.
  • Read the classified ads in your local newspaper and see if there are any bridal dresses for sale. Typically these gowns are sold at a fraction of the original cost.
  • Go to a consignment shop and see if they have any bridal gowns you like and look good on you.
  • Check out e-bay and Craig's list for people wanting to sell their bridal gown.
  • If you know how to sew or know someone who is a good tailor, consider designing and making your own dress.
  • Borrow a dress from a friend or family member. You'll save some money and the person you borrowed your outfit from will be honored that you will be wearing their gown.

Tips to Remember for Men in Wedding Dresses

  • Men's and woman's shapes are different and you will need to keep that in mind when looking for a dress.
  • Bear in mind, bridal ensambles are made for female figures and you may want to be certain that you have an experienced tailor to alter your dress.
  • Once you've chosen your dress, find the appropriate undergarments and bring them with you when you go for your fittings.
  • It's a good idea to bring a trusted friend or family member with you as they will be honest when giving their opinions on how you look in any particular dress.
  • If your marriage is taking place in warm weather, you may want to choose a light fabric, with short, cap or no sleeves at all. Conversely, if it's going to be cold on your wedding day, choose a heavy fabric such as velvet, brocade, or heavy satin. Have a shawl, sweater or bolero to keep you warm while getting in and out of the car and etc.

I do hope my men in wedding dresses tips and ideas are helpful.  For more information please click on my links below.

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