Need Great Honeymoon Ideas?

Honeymoon ideas hot tub overlooking the beach

Honeymoon Ideas & Tips for a Magical Vacation

If you are looking for honeymoon destination ideas, you have come to right place.  Below are some exciting and useful ideas that every couple should know before they start planning their magical honeymoon.

Is sailing on a small boat your idea of a great vacation?

Are you a laid-back couple or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of a big city with all of its bright lights and entertainment?  Other travel ideas include going to a Broadway Play and then dancing in a club till the wee hours of the morning.

A relaxing vacation on a sail boat.

More exciting honeymoon ideas in Times Square, New York City?

Honeymoon in New York City

Others who like city life would prefer to visit museums, go shopping, or enjoy watching a ballet or attending an opera.

The hustle and bustle of planning the details for your dream wedding ceremony and reception are coming to an end and now you want to turn your attention to planning your romantic getaway. Now it is time for you and your honey to have some fun.  So how do you start to plan your much needed vacation?

Define Your Interests

Are you the type of couple who likes to gaze into each other’s eyes while taking long walks along an unspoiled beach?

Having sand beneath your feet and the sound of the ocean waves can calm you after the stress of planning your wedding.

Enjoying a beautiful sunset on your getaway

Some couples who enjoy the outdoors would love to go rock climbing, biking or hiking in a national park and then watch the sunset over the mountains.  Getting up early in the morning and listening to the birds singing is sheer delight to some newlyweds.

Sports enthusiasts? Would you and your hubby enjoy a vacation at a baseball camp, or learning to drive a race car or play tennis?

Is the thrill of catching a marlin from a fishing boat, your idea of utter contentment?

After your wedding would you like to be waited on and pampered?  How about a trip to a spa where you will receive massages and hear lectures on nutrition and relaxation?

Honeymoon Ideas for nature lovers.

Tips for nature lovers

Or would you prefer to have a more nature-oriented vacation while camping under the stars and listening to the chip monks and squirrels romping through the leaves?

A peaceful honeymoon on a lake.

Would your perfect honeymoon consist of staying near the seashore or lake, basking in the sun and just vegging out? Or is scuba diving or snorkeling more your speed? 

How about going to a beautiful beach in the Carolinas or Florida?

More top honeymoon destinations and honeymoon ideas

Horseback riding in Hawaii

Is learning about different cultures something that you’ve always dreamed about?  Close your eyes and picture yourself riding a camel in Egypt, taking a gondola ride through Venice or participating in the physical and mental challenge of walking the Great Wall of China.

Enjoy a camel ride in Egypt

Other Honeymoon Ideas

Vacation Tips in Niagra Falls

Once you've had a chance to view the awesome natural beauty of Niagara Falls, consider taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist boat tour.  The powerful diesel engined boat of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls will delight you.

Are you interested in wines and food?  Imagine a trip to Tuscany or Napa Valley where you will sample some of the best wines and food imaginable.

Italy is for couples who want a romantic getaway.

Set Your Budget while thinking about your Honeymoon Ideas has great deals on flights, hotels, rental cars and everything you will need for your fabulous vacation.

Once you have narrowed down your thoughts and ideas, you need to set your vacation budget.  After all, your wedding, no matter how simple or extravagant was still an expense; and now you might not have as much to spend on a honeymoon as you originally thought. 

No sense dreaming of taking a world class vacation if you are working with a very limited budget.  I always recommend keeping your expectations real and you won’t be disappointed.

Need Cheap Honeymoon Ideas?

  • Consider a popular honeymoon destination that is close to home to avoid the expense of airfare.
  • Ask your family and friends if they have a time-share that you can use for a nominal charge. They could even make this their wedding gift to you!
  • Cruises and all-inclusive resorts are usually a great deal. Your food, accommodations, and entertainment are fixed before you begin your vacation.
  • The rooms in Las Vegas are usually reasonable because the casinos are hoping to make their revenue on the tables and slot machines. You can lounge at the pool, take a drive to Hoover Dam, go shopping in one of their outlets or listen to a band at a bar for the cost of a drink.
  • Check the Internet, your local newspaper and magazines for honeymoon ideas and travel discounts.
  • Register with a travel agency as part of your gift registry. Who knows, you might get your entire honeymoon paid for!
  • Enjoy your status as newlyweds! Most people are excited for the bride and groom so don’t be afraid to tell the "world" you are on your honeymoon. You’ll be surprised at the special treatment that you will receive such as, flowers or a gift basket delivered to your room. An airline steward might provide you with a complimentary glass of champagne; a waiter may offer you a free dessert or appetizer.

Planning is the key to having the honeymoon or your dreams. Be creative and use any of my honeymoon ideas to help you plan your wonderful life together.

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