Creative Wording for Wedding Invitations

Creative wording for wedding invitations picture with flowers

Creative Wording for Wedding Invitations

Your invitations along with your “Save the Date” announcements are the first opportunity brides have to express themselves to their guests.  You need to convey the basic facts of your ceremony and reception.

You will want to include the names of the hosts if you and your fiancé are not paying for your wedding; who is getting married, where your nuptials and celebration will take place and the date and time of your ceremony and reception.

Most brides want their personality to shine through, so be creative with the wording of your invites.  If you are imaginative or have a friend who is a good writer, ask them for help with your phrasing.

Make certain that the wording of your invites matches your theme and personality; don’t just copy someone's wording because it sounds good.

Creative Wording for Wedding Invitations that Set the Tone for Your Wonderful Celebration

Etiquette rules that are observed for writing a formal invitation include:

  • Use full names, including middle names if appropriate.
  • Spell out all words, including the time, date and the year. Do not use abbreviations for Street, Road, Drive and etc.
  • You may use the British spelling for “favour” and “honour”, instead of the American spelling of these words.
  • Use Roman numerals in names instead of “the second” or “2nd”.
  • For religious ceremonies, use “request the honor of your presence.
  • For non-religious ceremonies write, “request the pleasure of your attendance.”
  • If you are having a formal affair stick with the classic, formal wording.

     Mr. and Mrs. John Jones II

    Request the honor of your presence

    at the marriage of their daughter

    Ms. Mary Jane Jones


    Mr. Michael Smith

    On Saturday, the eight of January

    two thousand and ten

    at three o’clock in the afternoon

    St. Leo the Great Church

    50 Hurley’s Lane

    Lincroft, New Jersey 07738

    Creative wording for wedding invitations for less formal invitations

    Creative Wording for Wedding Invitations For Less Formal Invitations

    If the bride and groom are hosting their own celebration:

    Ms. Mary Jane Jones


    Mr. Michael Smith

    Invite you to share in their love and joy

    As they exchange their marriage vows


    Saturday, the eight of January

    Two thousand and ten

    At 3:00 PM

    Jacques Catering Hall

    500 Palmer Avenue

    Middletown, New Jersey 07748

    You can begin your invitation with a quote that represents you and your hubby, such as:

    “And the two shall become one as they join their lives….”

    If you are having a theme celebration you can be creative by starting the invite using words to express your theme.  Let’s suppose you’re having a “Snowflake Wedding Theme” you can begin your invite by saying,

    “Our love is as unique as two snowflakes.” This will set the tone of your theme and let your guests know your motif.

    Review the internet, magazines, books of poems, the bible and bridal invitation books for some unique wording ideas. Try not to get too wordy, cutesy or long winded; you could come off sounding pompous or confusing.

    I do hope this page  -  Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations has helped you with the decision making process of choosing your invites.

    If you're looking for more ideas on unique and creative wording to express your love on your invitations try; Wedding Invitation Wording

    More help is on its way. Come take a look!

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