Candy Centerpieces

Candy Centerpieces

Not only are Candy Centerpieces beautiful, they're yummy too!

So, you've been racking your brain to decide what kind of unique centerpieces you want for your wedding reception, birthday party, bridal or baby shower, anniversary party, sweet sixteen or whatever you are celebrating, look no more, because you have landed on the right page.

It's true, they're elegant, they dress up any room and they are easy to make. Additionally, they are cost effective as they are less expensive than fresh flowers and can also serve as your favor when your affair is over.

The above candy table decoration was created Peggy, from www.galleryscreative by using a tall clear vase. You can fill the container with clear plastic wrap, marbles, stones or opalescent colored tissue paper. Then cut a piece of Styrofoam and carefully hot glue gun it to the rim at the opening of the vase.

The rest of the decoration is up to you.

You can place lollipops, tulle, snowflakes, heart forms, painted twigs, silver stars shooting out of the middle or whatever coordinates with your theme and or course, your color scheme.

For the base of your centerpiece, cut a round piece of Styrofoam and wrap it in tulle. Then push your lollipops or other candy on a stick into the tulle.

Candy Centerpieces

This unique candy centerpiece is put together using eight 1.5 oz. personalized candy bars, 12 chocolate nuggets, ribbon and sticks to hold the candy in place. If you prefer, you can place additional candy in the center of the arrangement.

For those of you who are talented and on a budget you can practice making this centerpiece in the colors that coordinate with your theme. The rest of you can purchase this centerpiece from for $39.00

More Candy Centerpieces

Candy Centerpieces

This Centerpiece is great for people who can't decide which candy they want to put into their centerpiece because any candy will work in this clear container.

Candy Centerpieces

How about the above centerpiece as a mix and match? A closed container with lid for candy kisses, an open bowl for chocolate covered mints and a large Champaign glass to be filled with an assortment of different candies.

I prefer all candy to be wrapped, just in case your guests haven't washed their hands prior to dipping their hands into your scrumptious candy dish.

All pictures on this page are compliments of Have a look at the website and let me know what you think of Peggy's creative centerpieces.

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